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Projects that compose Taranta Suite





Taranta Docs

A tool for creating Dashboards for interacting with the devices within a Tango Control System

The tool for developing these dashboards is taranta itself.

TangoGQL Docs

Queryable access to a Tango Control System that can be used by the dashboard creation tool

Currently, this is a TangoGQL. A GraphQL web server that integrates with the TangoDB services and cancommunicate directly with tango devices.

Taranta Dashboard Docs

Storing and Sharing the configuration of developed dashboards between users

A MongoDB based dashboard repository for storing taranta dashboard layouts

Taranta Auth Docs

Authorization and Authentication for the tools

A simple authentication and authorization service for the taranta and TangoGQL tools that can be hooked into a corporate authentication solution

Supporting further development

A set of developer scripts and tools used for setting up and developing these related products.

How to deploy Taranta Suite on minikube

This section is about how you can deploy Taranta Suite on a minikube environment


For an example on how to create your own chart please follow: ska-tango-taranta-suite

Joint Process for Contribution between Max IV and SKA