Execution Control

Local Monitoring and Control

The local monitoring and control is the interface between the telescope control system and the SDP. It consists of Tango device servers which control different aspects of the system. The SDP Master device provides the top-level control of the system. The SDP Subarray device controls the processing associated with a telescope subarray.

Processing Controller

The processing controller controls the execution of processing blocks. The processing blocks define the workflows to be run and the parameters to be passed to the workflows. It detects processing blocks by monitoring the configuration database.

Configuration Library

The configuration library is the interface to the configuration database. The database is the central store of configuration data in the SDP and it is used to coordinate actions between the components of the system. The configuration library defines the schema for the entries in the database and it provides ways for controller and processing components to discover and manipulate the intended state of the system.


The console provides an environment for interacting with the configuration database.