The Mid.CBF Master Control Software (MCS) provides a high-level interface to the Telescope Monitoring and Control (TMC) and CSP_Mid Local Monitoring and Control (LMC), and translates the high-level commands into the configuration and control of individual Talon-DX boards.

System Context

The following diagram shows MCS as it fits into the rest of the CSP Mid system.


MCS System Context

MCS interacts with TMC and CSP_Mid LMC and controls the applications and low-level device servers that run on the hard processor system (HPS) of the Talon-DX boards. The diagram below shows these interactions. TMC and CSP_Mid LMC interact with the CBF Controller and CBF Subarray. The diagram also shows the Engineering Console and pytest-BDD elements which are used to test the interfaces between MCS and TMC/CSP_Mid LMC during development.

In MCS there is one VCC device and one FSP device for each VCC/FSP in the system. These devices communicate directly with the top level HPS application for the reconfiguration of the Talon-DX functionality (VCC Controller / HPS FSP Controller)