rascil.processing_components.image.gradients Module

Image operations visible to the Execution Framework as Components



Calculate image first order gradients numerically

rascil.processing_components.image.operations Module

Image operations visible to the Execution Framework as Components


add_image(im1, im2)

Add two images


Integrate image across frequency

create_w_term_like(im, w[, phasecentre, ...])

Create an image with a w term phase term in it:

create_window(template, window_type, **kwargs)

Create a window image using one of a number of methods


WCS-aware FFT of a canonical image

import_image_from_fits(fitsfile[, fixpol])

Read an Image from fits

pad_image(im, shape)

Pad an image to desired shape, adding equally to all edges

sub_image(im, shape)

Subsection an image to desired shape, cutting equally from all edges

polarisation_frame_from_wcs(wcs, shape)

Convert wcs to polarisation_frame

remove_continuum_image(im[, degree, mask])

Fit and remove continuum visibility in place

reproject_image(im, newwcs[, shape])

Re-project an image to a new coordinate system

show_components(im, comps[, npixels, fig, ...])

Show components against an image

show_image(im[, fig, title, pol, chan, cm, ...])

Show an Image with coordinates using matplotlib, optionally with components

smooth_image(model[, width, normalise])

Smooth an image with a 2D Gaussian kernel

scale_and_rotate_image(im[, angle, scale, order])

Scale and then rotate and image in x, y axes

apply_voltage_pattern_to_image(im, vp[, ...])

Apply a voltage pattern to an image