invert_list_rsexecute_workflow(vis_list, template_model_imagelist, context, dopsf=False, normalise=True, **kwargs)[source]

Sum results from invert, iterating over the scattered image and vis_list

  • vis_list – list of vis (or graph)

  • template_model_imagelist – list of template models (or graph)

  • dopsf – Make the PSF instead of the dirty image

  • normalise – normalise by sumwt

  • context – Imaging context

  • kwargs – Parameters for functions in components


List of (image, sumwt) tuples, one per vis in vis_list

For example:

model_list = [rsexecute.execute(create_image_from_visibility)
    (v, npixel=npixel, cellsize=cellsize, polarisation_frame=pol_frame)
    for v in vis_list]

model_list = rsexecute.persist(model_list)
dirty_list = invert_list_rsexecute_workflow(vis_list, template_model_imagelist=model_list, context='wstack',
dirty_sumwt_list = rsexecute.compute(dirty_list, sync=True)
dirty, sumwt = dirty_sumwt_list[centre]