deconvolve_list_rsexecute_workflow(dirty_list, psf_list, model_imagelist, sensitivity_list=None, prefix='', mask=None, **kwargs)[source]

Create a graph for deconvolution, adding to the model

note dirty_list and psf_list must have sumwt trimmed before calling this function

  • dirty_list – list of dirty images (or graph)

  • psf_list – list of psfs (or graph)

  • model_imagelist – list of models (or graph)

  • prefix – Informative prefix to log messages

  • mask – Mask for deconvolution

  • kwargs – Parameters for functions


graph for the deconvolution

For example:

dirty_imagelist = invert_list_rsexecute_workflow(vis_list, model_imagelist, context='2d',
                                                  dopsf=False, normalise=True)
psf_imagelist = invert_list_rsexecute_workflow(vis_list, model_imagelist, context='2d',
                                                dopsf=True, normalise=True)
dirty_imagelist = rsexecute.persist(dirty_imagelist)
psf_imagelist = rsexecute.persist(psf_imagelist)
dec_imagelist = deconvolve_list_rsexecute_workflow(dirty_imagelist, psf_imagelist,
        model_imagelist, niter=1000, fractional_threshold=0.01,
        scales=[0, 3, 10], algorithm='mmclean', nmoment=3, nchan=freqwin,
        threshold=0.1, gain=0.7)
dec_imagelist = rsexecute.persist(dec_imagelist)