External-Facing Devices

These will interact with higher levels of the SKA control system (i.e. Low.CSP) All require the SKA LMC base classes, which will be installed into the Docker image as part of the build process.


The sub-element controller is the primary point of control and coordination for general operations from CSP_Low.LMC.


A Low.CBF subarray represents a conceptual grouping of input signal data streams (from MCCS), and controls Low.CBF’s processing of those signals.

The subarray device will control the processing hardware (FPGA & Network devices) to produce visibilities and beams, if that is possible with the resources that have been assigned and configured. It will also subscribe to delay polynomial updates from a given source address and pass the data on to the relevant FPGAs. Settings for PSS and PST beams will be delegated to instances of those devices.

There will be 16 instances of the subarray Tango device, inclusive of any engineering subarrays.

Internal Devices

Not expected to directly interface with the wider control system.

There are other Low.CBF devices not contained within this repository. See SKA Confluence - Low.CBF Tango Architecture.


Allocator is responsible for assigning control of (portions of) Processors and Connectors to Subarrays, and will aggregate the healthState of unassigned hardware to report to Controller.