calibrate_list_rsexecute_workflow(vis_list, model_vislist, gt_list=None, calibration_context='TG', controls=None, global_solution=True, **kwargs)[source]

Create a set of components for (optionally global) calibration of a list of visibilities

If global solution is true then visibilities are gathered to a single visibility data set which is then self-calibrated. The resulting gaintable is then effectively scattered out for application to each visibility set. If global solution is false then the solutions are performed locally.

  • vis_list – list of visibilities (or graph)

  • model_vislist – list of model visibilities (or graph)

  • calibration_context – String giving terms to be calibrated e.g. ‘TGB’

  • controls – Calibration controls dictionary

  • global_solution – Solve for global gains

  • kwargs – Parameters for functions in components


list of calibrated vis, list of dictionaries of gaintables