SKA Telescope Model

Library for handling SKA Telescope Model information. This is a key component of the SKA architecture, centralising knowledge required to reason about the telescope as a whole.

Requirement SKA1-SYS_REQ-2645 defines the telescope model as follows: “A dynamic computational model of the Telescope […] used to answer all queries about the state of the Telescope. The telescope model shall consist of configuration information, numerical models, empirical parameters, and conventions”.

The particular “queries” we are concerned with here are where SKA sub-systems need to agree with one another about information - such as SDP and dishes agreeing about the beam shape, CSP and TMC agreeing about the make-up of the correlator and its connections to links, or TMC agreeing with SDP about the correct format for control system messages. This information evolves very slowly, and therefore it is not appropriate for the two sides to agree dynamically - instead the telescope model is used as a shared source of truth.