PSI simulations

These are simulated visibility data sets in Measurement Set format, as needed to test the operation of the CBF-SDP interface and the real-time signal displays.

These simulations generate fully time-sampled, high number of spectral channel observations using the simulated Prototype System Integration (PSI) test arrays: a small number of antennas or stations (between 4 and 8), with a large number of frequency channels (of order 10000).

The simulation currently does:

  • 10 minutes of 0.28s integrations

  • six antennas chosen to be close to the centre but to give baselines upto 200m

  • 50% fractional bandwidth: centre frequency 1.369GHz +/- 0.5 * 1.369GHz

The simulation requires a large amount of memory, primality because of inefficiencies in the RASCIL visibility format. We expect to reduce these over time. The best Dask setup on Alaska P3 is to use one worker and a large number of threads (up to 64).

Simulate time and frequency dense PSI observations

usage: [-h] [--rmax RMAX] [--configuration CONFIGURATION]
                        [--antennas [ANTENNAS ...]] [--badantenna BADANTENNA]
                        [--howbad HOWBAD] [--ra RA]
                        [--declination DECLINATION] [--band BAND]
                        [--nchan NCHAN] [--nspw NSPW]
                        [--channel_width CHANNEL_WIDTH]
                        [--integration_time INTEGRATION_TIME]
                        [--time_range TIME_RANGE TIME_RANGE]
                        [--image_pol IMAGE_POL] [--vis_pol VIS_POL]
                        [--duration DURATION] [--results RESULTS]
                        [--msname MSNAME] [--split SPLIT]
                        [--nthreads NTHREADS] [--processes PROCESSES]
                        [--memory MEMORY] [--nworkers NWORKERS]
                        [--use_dask USE_DASK] [--interface INTERFACE]

Named Arguments


Maximum distance of dish from centre (m)

Default: 200.0


MID Configuration: MID | MEERKAT+

Default: “MID”


antenna names to include (default is all)


Bad antenna

Default: -1


How many meters to move bad antenna

Default: 1


Right ascension of phase centre (degrees)

Default: 0.0


Declination of phase centre (degrees)

Default: -55.0


Band B1LOW | B1 | B2 | Ku

Default: “B2”


Number of frequency channels

Default: 1024


Number of spectral windows

Default: 8


Channel bandwidth (Hz) (default is to calculate from frequency


Integration time (s)

Default: 0.14


Time range in hour angle

Default: [0, 0.16667]


RASCIL polarisation frame for image: stokesI | stokes IQ | stokesIQUV

Default: “stokesIQUV”


RASCIL polarisation frame for visibility: linear | linearnp

Default: “linear”


Type of duration: long or medium or short

Default: “long”


Directory for results

Default: “./”


Root name of MS (i.e. without .ms)

Default: “sim_mid_psi”


In concat, type of tree e.g. 2->binary

Default: 2


Number of threads per worker

Default: 1


Number of processes per worker

Default: 1


Memory per worker (GB)


Number of workers

Default: 4


Use dask processing?

Default: “True”


Network interface

Default: “ib0”


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