This package collects RASCIL scripts for various SKA-MID simulations: continuum imaging, continuum imaging with direction-dependent effects, high data rate observations, observation sizing, and radio frequency interference.

The package uses RASCIL for workflow functions, ska-sdp-func-python for processing functions and ska-sdp-datamodels for data models.


To install these scripts, use git:

git clone

Or download the source code from

None of these simulations need to be installed into the python path. Instead please set the below environment variables:

export SSMROOT=/path/to/code
export SSMRESULTS=/path/to/results

In direction dependent simulations, one will also need the additional data resources (e.g. beam models) which requires setting the below environment variable:

export SSMRESOURCES=/path/to/resources

RASCIL must be installed - the options are via pip, git clone, or docker. The simplest approach is to use pip. In the ska-sim-mid directory, do:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

A script can be run as:

export SMSROOT=`pwd`
cd sizing/scripts

The resource files for the SKA direction-dependent MID simulations are 80GB in size and are kept on the Google Cloud Platform. The python command line tool gsutil allows for interacting with the Google Cloud Platform:

After installing gsutil, you may download the resources as follows:

cd resources
gsutil -m rsync -r gs://ska1-simulation-data/resources/mid/beam_models/ beam_models
gsutil -m rsync -r gs://ska1-simulation-data/resources/shared/screens screens