Test Dask Workflow

The test_dask workflow is designed to test deploying two instances of a Dask execution engine and executing a simple function on each one.

The sequence of actions carried out by the workflow is:

  • Claims processing block

  • Sets processing block status to 'WAITING'

  • Waits for resources_available to be True

    • This is the signal from the processing controller that the workflow can start

  • Sets processing block status to 'RUNNING'

  • Deploys two Dask execution engines in parallel

  • Does some simple operations. Constructs a graph to add two numbers together and computes the result by calling the ‘compute’ method.

  • Sets processing block status to 'FINISHED'



  • Use dependencies from the central artefact repository and publish the workflow image there.


  • Ported to use the latest version of workflow library (0.2.4).


  • use python:3.9-slim as the base docker image

  • slimmed down the requirements file as well