Creating or updating a chart

Creating a new chart

Updating an existing chart

  • Create a new branch and update the chosen chart as needed.

  • Test the chart, make sure it is backwards compatible. If not, dependencies are also updated.

  • Create a merge request and get it approved and merged.

  • Create a new branch and update the version number of your chart in Chart.yaml.

  • Packaging your new chart:

    cd ska-sdp-helmdeploy-charts
    helm package charts/<updated_chart> -d chart-repo
    helm repo index chart-repo

    Make sure you replace <updated_chart> with the actual chart name.

  • The last command will update the timestamp on every chart in the repository. Revert these for the charts that you did not update.

  • Update the chart, and commit and push the changes.

  • Create a merge request, get it approved and then merge it.

  • Your chart is now available to be accessed from the chart-repo directory.