SKA SDP Distributed Fourier Transform

This is a repository for the Dask-implemented distributed Fourier transform algorithm used for radio interferometry processing. It generates arbitrary grid chunks while minimising memory residency, data transfer and compute work.

The code is written in Python. For details of the algorithm, please refer to the “Description of the Algorithm” page.

Installation Instructions

To install the repository, use git:

git clone

Please ensure you have all the dependency packages installed. T he installation is managed through poetry. Refer to their page for instructions.

Running from the command line

A simple CLI is available to run the main python script, which executes the Distributed FFT algorithm (facet->subgrid and subgrid->facet directions):

python -m src.fourier_transform_dask --swift-config "<config-key>"

You need to replace <config-key> with one of the dictionary keys found in src/ Default is “1k[1]-512-256”. The code will iterate through multiple configurations if you provide the keys as coma-separated arguments <config_key1>,<config_key2>.

Specify the DASK_SCHEDULER environment variable to use a specific Dask cluster for your run.