The target_beam_configuration module defines which SKA LOW target will be mapped to the subarray beam configurations.


Class diagram for the target_beam_configuration module

An example serialisation of this model to JSON is shown below.

# JSON modelled specifically by target_beam_configuration
"target_beam_configurations": [
       "target_beam_id": "science target beam",
       "target": "my science target",
       "subarray_beam_configuration": "subarray beam 1"

The entities.target_beam_configuration module defines simple Python representation of how SKA Low subarray beam in sub-array should be configured.

class TargetBeamConfiguration(target_beam_id: str, target: str, subarray_beam_configuration: str)[source]

TargetBeamConfiguration specifies how SKA LOW subarray beam in a sub-array should be configured.


alias of str