The dish_configuration module models SB entities concerned with SKA MID dish configuration.


Class diagram for the dish_configuration module

An example serialisation of this model to JSON is shown below.

 # JSON modelled specifically by dish_configuration
"dish_configurations" : [
        "dish_configuration_id": "dci_mvp01-20220329-00001",
        "receiver_band" : "1"

The entities.dish_configuration module defines simple Python representation of how SKA MID dishes in sub-array should be configured.

class DishConfiguration(dish_configuration_id: str, receiver_band: ReceiverBand)[source]

DishConfiguration specifies how SKA MID dishes in a sub-array should be configured. At the moment, this is limited to setting the receiver band.


alias of str

class ReceiverBand(value)[source]

ReceiverBand is an enumeration of SKA MID receiver bands.