Source code for ska_oso_oet.activity.domain

The ska_oso.activity.domain module contains code that belongs to the activity
domain layer. Classes and definitions contained in this domain layer define
the high-level concepts used to describe and launch scheduling block
import dataclasses
import enum
from typing import Optional

[docs] class ActivityState(enum.Enum): """ ActivityState represent the state of an Activity. ActivityState is currently a placeholder, to be elaborated with the full activity lifecycle (CREATED, RUNNING, SUCCEEDED, FAILED, etc.) in a later PI. """ TODO =
[docs] @dataclasses.dataclass class Activity: """ Activity represents an action taken on a scheduling block. An activity maps to a script that accomplishes the activity's goal. In a telescope control context, activities and goals could be 'allocate resources for this SB', 'observe this SB', etc. That is, users talk about doing something with the SB; their focus is not on which script needs to run and what script parameters are required to accomplish that task. """ activity_id: int procedure_id: Optional[int] sbd_id: str activity_name: str prepare_only: bool sbi_id: str