Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Latest pre-release

  • Use common package version 0.23.0 installing SKA Base Classes 1.0.0

  • Updated tests to use ENGINEERING adminMode instead of MAINTENANCE

  • Use CSP simulators helm chart v. 0.4.0


  • Add CHANGELOG to documentation

  • Use common package version 0.22.1 supporting JSON strict validation (strictness=2) in CspJsonValidator.

  • example files and tests have been adjusted accordingly to adhere to the stricter JSON validation.

  • Use TelModel CSP CompatibilityMap to identify CSP subsystems’ interface.

  • Implemented CI/CD tests (manual triggered) on Low PSI facility.

  • Add telescope model and subsystem version pages in the documentation

  • Add integration tests to evaluate HealthState aggregation using simulators

  • Update csp lmc to use yaml file to configure its devices


  • Updated common package to 0.22.0 - pytango 9.5.0 - SKA BC 0.20.2

  • helm chart uses image in

  • update ska-tango-util and ska-tango-base charts to 0.4.11 and 0.4.10


  • Fix versionId value (SKB-345)


  • use ska-pst 0.11.0

  • Use common package v0.21.0

  • use json_configuration_parser to parse Scan Command

  • Update controller and subarray attributes documentation with examples

  • Fixed issues in Off command for Controller and Subarray: devices beloging to CBF sub-system are skipped because these devices are always in On state.

  • Modified the behavior of the Subarray when Abort is issued with all the CSP sub-systems in EMPTY state: the subarray returns its observing state as ABORTED instead of EMPTY.

  • Observing state model implements the aborted flag to force the ABORTED state.

  • remove old simulators charts (sim-pss, sim-pst, sim-cbf) and use of the new ska-csp-simulators

  • enable tests with new simulators

  • enable scanID attribute subscription

  • Remove old simulators charts (sim-pss, sim-pst, sim-cbf) and use of the new ska-csp-simulators

  • Fix bug in configuring without PST if PST is assigned

  • add tests to verify healthstate aggregation


  • update RTD building procedure according to STS-553

  • update RTD documentation


  • Use common package v0.20.1 (use of telmodel 1.14.0)

  • update timing beams destination in the cbf configure input after retrieving info from pst

  • Update controller and subarray attributes documentation with examples


  • Use common package v0.19.2 (fix abort during resource assignment).


  • Use ska-csp-lmc-common package v. 0.19.1

  • Added BDD tests to check the correct detection of archive events on the state, healthState and obsState attributes.

  • Report the updated value for the configurationID attribute.


  • use ska-csp-lmc-common v0.18.4

  • tested compatibility with ska-low-cbf 0.10.0 and ska-low-cbf-proc 0.11.0

  • fixes formatting in readthedocs

  • added check on processors in PSI-LOW tests

  • fixed re-inizialization of PST devices in test-harness


  • use ska-csp-lmc-common v0.18.3

  • reintegration of PST Beam

  • Full control of 4 subarrays (broken before)

  • Test on PSI-LOW on demand from CI/CD

  • First integration of xray for test result


  • update ska-csp-lmc-common package to v. 0.17.6

  • update documentation

  • removed constraints to python package from ‘3.10.6’ to ‘~3.10.6’

  • Command timeout default value set as Device Property of a device.

  • Command timeout is configurable via TANGO attribute commandTimeout.

  • Added support to report subarray versionId and buildState info

  • Update libraries: - pytango v 9.4.2 - ska-tango-base 0.19.1

  • Update base containers: - ska-tango-images-pytango-builder:9.4.3 - ska-tango-images-pytango-runtime:9.4.3

  • Update charts: - ska-tango-util 0.4.7 - ska-tango-base 0.4.7 - ska-tango-images-tango-dsconfig 1.5.12 - tango-itango 9.4.3 - ska-tango-taranta 2.4.0 - ska-tango-taranta-auth 0.1.7 - ska-tango-tangogql 1.3.10 - ska-pst-lmc 0.6.4 (not tested)

  • Update .make subsystem to master

  • Update sphinx packages, add them to pyproject.toml and use .readthedocs.yaml to build documentation


  • use ska-csp-lmc-common 0.17.3

  • compatibility with ska-low-cbf v0.6.1 and new json schemas

  • validation of cbf part of json input with telescope model


  • Update to ska-csp-lmc-common v0.17.1

  • Update test environment - Add management of Long Running Command

  • update charts. in particular - ska-tango-util to v0.4.5 - ska-tango-base to v0.4.4 - ska-pst-lmc to v0.5.4

  • Add the charts and json files to exclude PST from deployment - Update tests to manage the presence of the PST device - update documentation


  • Update to ska-csp-lmc-common v0.17.0

  • Scan command is completed when all subsystems are scanning

  • Examples documentation includes long running command attributes use


[DEPRECATED] Old version of common used. The code has the same functionalities of 0.7.1.


  • Update to ska-csp-lmc-common v0.16.0 (CspJsonvalidator)

  • Update BC to v0.18.1

  • Specialization of CspJsonValidator


[DEPRECATED] Release done by mistake. The code has the same functionalities of 0.6.0


  • Update ska-csp-lmc-common version to 0.15.0

  • Update to BC v0.17.0

  • Implement Abort command behavior for Subarrays

  • Configure attributes that report subsystem states and modes to push archive and change events

  • Add CSP.LMC devices and subsystems software version ID attributes


  • Update pytango to 9.3.6 and pytango images (ska-tango-images-pytango-builder:9.3.35 and ska-tango-images-pytango-runtime:9.3.22)

  • Use of ska-csp-lmc-common v0.14.0


  • Use ska-csp-lmc-common package version = 0.12.2

  • Integration of PST beam

  • refactor of json validation mechanism


  • Use ska-csp-lmc-common package version = 0.12.2

  • Updated low json parser to agree with the Low CBF proposed JSON schemas.

  • Added connection to Low CBF Allocator devices to get infrmation about allocated resources.


  • Use ska-csp-lmc-common v 0.12.0 (Changes in command execution)


  • Use ska-csp-lmc-common package version = 0.11.12 with changes in code for unit tests.

  • Updated helm charts for Low CSP and simulated devices to 0.2.3

  • Refactoring of the unit tests..


  • Refactoring of the unit tests.

  • Implemented new cicd machinery and poetry.

  • Skip helm chart publishing in gitlab.


  • use ska-csp-lmc-common 0.11.3

  • Off controller command is allowed also from ON state


  • use ska-csp-lmc-common 0.11.1

  • use json_config_parser based on common class SplitResources

Released helm chart 0.2.0


NOTE: released on 23/11/2021

  • use ska-csp-lmc-common 0.10.3

  • Added support for Low CSP Subarray commands: AssignResources, ReleaseAllResources, Configure.

Released helm chart 0.1.4


NOTE: released on 16/06/2021

  • use tango images from CAR (Central Artefact Repository)

  • update tango-base and tango-util

Released helm chart 0.1.3


NOTE: released on 26/05/2021

  • patch on initialization of attribute values (call to super().do() in InitCommand)

Released helm chart 0.1.1

  • changed polling period for csp-cbf state attribute

Released helm chart 0.1.2 (maintain same image number - changes only on Chart.yaml)


NOTE: released on 17/05/2021

  • First implementation of Csp-lmc low Controller

  • ska-tango-base v0.10.1

Released helm chart 0.1.0