Notebooks are the main user interface of the SKA SDP parametric model. To allow exploration of the design space, the parametric model provides a number of separate notebooks for different purposes.

Build Instructions

If you wish to use the notebooks interactively, clone the parametric model repository and run the notebooks yourself:

$ git clone
$ cd sdp-par-model
$ pipenv install
$ pipenv shell
$ jupyter notebook notebooks

This should allow you to interact with the notebooks using a web browser.

List of Notebooks

The following notebooks come with the parametric model. Follow the links for non-interactive version of the notebooks:

SKA1_Imaging_Performance_Model: Contains interactive cells for computing telescope parameters (data rates, FLOPs, image sizes etc).

SKA1_Sensitivity_Analysis: Investigates the sensitivity of telescope parameters on inputs such as baseline length and ionospheric time scale.

SKA1_SDP_Performance_Dashboard: Overview of FLOP rate predictions for different telescopes, pipelines and high-priority science objectives (HPSOs).

SKA1_Export: Allows exporting detailed parametric model output for usage with external programs. This notebook can also be used to compare existing parametric model exports to allow fine-grained change tracking of calculated parameters.

SKA1_System_Sizing: Uses the HPSOs to estimate the average computational requirements and output data rates of the SDP instances at the two telescopes. This informs the system sizing.

SKA1_SDP_Products, SKA1_Document_Formulas: Shows the formulas used by the parametric model for calculating parameters. Useful for checking what exactly the parametric model calculates.

Absolute_Baseline_length_distribution: Compute and visualize baseline distributions of SKA telescopes. This notebook is used for determining the baseline bins that go into the parametric model calculations.