Leap Accelerate CLI

leap-accelerate-cli is a command line interface to performing leap calibration that requires at least a measurement set and a set of directions to produce an antenna array calibration.


  • --config <path> - config file path

  • --filepath <path> - measurement set file path

  • --directions <array> - directions for calibration in polar coordinates, e.g. "[[1.2,0.8],[0.5,0.7]]"

  • --output <path> - Calibration output file path

  • --stations - Overrides number of stations to use in the specified measurement set

  • --solutionInterval <[start,end,interval]> - Sets the interval to generate solutions using numpy syntax. Additionally supports a single interval integer argument.

  • --referenceAntenna <integer> - Selects the reference antenna index, default is the last antenna

  • --implementation <type> - compute implementation type (cpu or cuda)

  • --useFileSystemCache <boolean> - Whether filesystem caching is used between system calls

  • --autoCorrelations <boolean> - Set to true if measurement set rows contain autocorrelations

  • --minimumBaselineThreshold <double> - Minimum antenna baeline length in meters in the range 0.0 -> inf

  • --verbosity <integer> - Logging verbosity (0=fatal, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=debug, 5=trace), defaults to info


LeapAccelerateCLI --help

LeapAccelerateCLI --config testdata/mwa_test.json


Log files are produced in the current working directory at ./log/leap_YYYY_MM_dd_{number}.log Log files rotate per day and store a maximum of 10MiB.

Logging is controlled by the verbosity setting.

Config File

Config files can be specified via the –config argument to specify runtime arguments as an alternative to command line arguments.

Config files currently must be written in coformant JSON format.


    "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#",
    "title": "Arguments",
    "definitions": {},
    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
        "filePath": { "type": "string" },
        "outputFilePath": { "type": "string" },
        "autoCorrelations": { "type": "boolean" },
        "useFileSystemCache": { "type": "boolean" },
        "minimumBaselineTheshold": { "type": "integer" },
        "solutionInterval": {
            "type": ["integer", "array"],
            "items": { "type": ["number", "null"] },
            "minItems": 3,
            "maxItems": 3
        "referenceAntenna": { "type": "integer" },
        "computeImplementation": {
            "type": "string",
            "enum": ["cpu", "cuda"]
        "verbosity": { "type": "string" },
        "directions": {
            "type": "array",
            "items": {
                "type": "array",
                "items": { "type": "number" }
    "required": [ "filePath", "directions" ]

Note: Properties are not required when specified in as CLI arguments with a config file.

Config File Example

    "filePath": "/testdata/ska/SKA_LOW_SIM_short_EoR0_ionosphere_off_GLEAM.ms",
    "outputFilePath": "ska_low_cal",
    "computeImplementation": "cpu",
    "directions": [
    "solutionInterval": [0, None, 1],
    "verbosity": "info"