Monitoring Dashboards

There are several dashboards that can be used to monitor the SKA infrastructure and projects’ statuses.

In order to access the dashboards, first you should add below lines to your hosts file. Note that IP addresses of the dashboards are subject to change anytime. If there are any problems with the below dashboards please contact the system team.

# hosts file ("/etc/hosts" for linux/unix, "%WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" for Windows)
# Dashboards

Some of the dashboards are password protected. To get the current passwords please contact the system team.

  • SKA Infrastructure: Monitoring metrics such as Kubernetes, GitLab Runners, Elasticstack, cadvisor etc.
  • Prometheus Alerts: Prometheus alerts for the core kubernetes cluster and infrastructure VMs
  • Kibana Logs: Kibana Logs for the core cluster
  • Webjive: Webjive dashboard for the Tango Devices
  • Argos: Argos grafana dashboard for Testing purposes for the repositories test metrics such as coverage, number of executed tests, mean values etc. Note: this dashboard has only some repositories at the moment for prototyping